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2 Year Anniversary 

A special co-hosted 2 year anniversary cleanup at with District Cleanups! We will meet at the Clarendon metro stop and end at Quincy Hall for some special Cleanup Olympic competitions!

Saturday, July 13th at 11am

NOTE: This is on a Saturday not the usual Sunday


We've been talking with District Cleanups for a while about doing grabber competitions and we're excited to finally bring this to life! Here is what we're thinking:

Dizzy Grabber - like the infamous dizzy bat, spin around a grabber and then go get pieces of trash and return them to the bucket. Quickest to get them all up wins

Speed Butts - you have 60 seconds to pick up as many cigarette butts as possible with the grabber. Whoever gets the most wins

Canhole - using crushed cans and a grabber to throw them see how many points you can score on the Cornhole board. 1 point for on the board, 3 for through the hole most points wins

Trashy Skee Ball - using crushed cans and a grabber see how many skee ball points you can score. Highest score wins

Butt Grabber - with one squeeze of the grabber how many cigarette butts can you pick up at once. 60 seconds to gather them up in the grabbers clutches most butts in one squeeze wins

Hardest Piece of Trash Pickup - how long does it take you to pick up this large flat piece of trash without using anything to help? Quickest time wins

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